How to start if you want to accept Online payments on your Site within few simple steps?

- Create your cashmaal account
- Login now and go to
- Merchant setting
- Add your Site and
- You will get a Web ID

cashmaal IT team has made the integration process very easy and secure by introducing smart coding for each step. This coding is a combination of different languages like HTML, PHP and JavaScript.

Codings for Web integration

=> Receive Money API (Coding)
=> Received Money Verification API (Coding)
=> Received Money Verification Using IPN (Coding)
=> Send Money API (Coding)
=> Accounts Validations API (Coding)
=> Get Balance Of cashmaal Account (Coding)
=> USD to PKR Live Rate (Coding)

Please don't hesitate to write us and our Technical Support team always be there ([email protected]) for your assistance when you need.